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    While it could be mistaken for an audio player, 33 RPM is more the kind of tool you'd use to adjust the speed of a song to your voice or other instruments.

    This simple little application lets you play back a song and adjust speed, volume and pitch thanks to sliders. You can also set a loop by entering both an end and a start time. 33 RPM displays song information and you can quickly reach any point in your track thanks to the slider in the main window.

    There's not much more you'll be able to do with 33 RPM other than transcribing audio tracks. However the application is clean, and you can close off both the info and controls windows if you want to. 33 RPM can be of great use to test out different rhythms of a song without having to open a more advanced media player.

    33 RPM is a very simple application to play around with the volume, speed and pitch of a song.

    In the past, a musician would learn a piece of music by adjusting the speed of their record player and then methodically practice along with the slower version of the song. 33 RPM brings a little back from a time of LPs and record players, just without the scratches.

    33 RPM is an excellent tool to transcribe music, by leveraging the power of QuickTime to provide an easy way to slow down, speed up, and loop your media — all without changing the pitch of the music. But if you enjoy those chipmunk-like voices, 33 RPM also has you covered with independent controls to alter the pitch and speed of your audio.

    33 RPM


    33 RPM 1.1.2

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